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Condo/Loft Interior Design Gallery

Here, we present our portfolio of condo/loft interior design projects in a variety of interior design styles.  They reflect our design philosophy of diversity, quality and livability.

We have assembled a selection of dining rooms to demonstrate the guidelines of condo/loft interior design. These spaces are presented in a variety of settings, ranging from the city to the country, with the intent to captivate and inspire you.

In this collection, Shape Your Space Design offers you a glimpse of  condos and lofts of all sizes and budgets, including new and remodeled spaces.

Our Condo/Loft Interior Design Services

  • Complete condo/loft interior designs for new and remodeled condos and lofts.  You get all of it, everything you will need for your new condo or loft. Detailed drawings:  including layouts for furniture
  • Lighting plans showing placement of all lighting fixtures and outlets
  • Selections for fabrics and all finishes along with samples for floors, paint colors and other wall finishes
  • Designs for window treatments

Shape Your Space Design™ offers interior design options that can be purchased as-is or customized to meet your needs and budget.

Dream It. Design It. Do It. Contact Shape Your Space Design for affordable condo/loft interior design services.